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50MW Wind Farm

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Facing acute electricity shortages, the government of Pakistan is striving to amplify and diversify its energy production infrastructure in a cost-effective manner that takes into consideration both social development and environmental conservation. Historically, Pakistan has been a net importer of energy, with oil imports placing a heavy burden on foreign exchange reserves – a problem that is further compounded by volatile oil prices and rising energy consumption.

In response to these challenges, the national and provincial governments of Pakistan have made energy generation a high priority, with an emphasis on alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. Seizing the opportunity presented by rapid renewable energy and IPP growth in Pakistan, JCM has entered into strategic partnerships with local stakeholders. As an initial investment into the market, JCM acquired a stake in the 50MW Hawa Wind Power Project.

The Hawa power station, located near the village of Jhimpir in Pakistan’s southeastern Sindh province, is currently under construction with a scheduled commercial operation date in the first quarter of 2018. JCM plans to increase its pipeline to include as much as 300MWs of wind and solar projects in Pakistan, and to expand its presence through the emerging Asian energy market.

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