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Pacifico HVDC Link

1,000MW HVDC Transmission Line

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HVDC Transmission Line
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About This Project

After the natural gas crisis began in the mid-2000s, Chile replaced imported natural gas from Argentina with other imports, largely oil and coal. Today, Chile remains heavily reliant on foreign sources of energy, with nearly 75% of the country’s total electricity supply sourced from imported coal and liquified natural gas. In comparison, Peru has an abundance of renewable hydropower resources that can be developed, as well as significant domestic natural gas resources which result in a low-cost, clean, and stable supply of electricity.

Significant growth in electricity consumption has occurred in Chile averaging 7% per year, which is expected to require approximately 8,000 MW of new generation over the medium term. JCM is working with the Graña y Montero Group, Siemens Energy Management Division, and other local and international partners to develop a 1,000 MW, 700 km long bipole high-voltage direct current ("HVDC") transmission line interconnecting the Sistema Eléctrico Nacional electricity system of Chile and the Sistema Eléctrico Interconectado Nacional electricity system of Peru.

The HVDC interconnection of 1,000 MW of capacity between Peru and Chile represents an important capital asset, and will significantly promote mutual economic development. The HVDC technology will also enable a better power flow control, and improve reliability and security of electrical energy supply.

JCM Power is thrilled and proud to be financing and providing co-development services for this 1,000 MW high profile HVDC transmission project between Peru and Chile. This interconnection represents an important capital asset that will promote mutual economic development. From a technical standpoint, this HVDC project will enable a better power flow control while improving the reliability and security of the electrical energy supply.

Jose Nieto
Head of Latin America, JCM Power

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