ESG Performance Standards

Our Approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues

In order to achieve sound environmental and social performance, JCM Power will adhere to a number of international policies and best practices. First and foremost, JCM follows the local laws and regulations required under each jurisdiction in which we develop, own or operate a renewable energy and/or transmission projects, including laws on host country obligations under international law. JCM abides by international labour standards and ensures that any partner, investee or other stakeholder will follow the same standards. JCM also ensures that its anti-bribery and corruption policies are adhered to in every host country which conform to the big three regulators based in the UK, US and Canada.

JCM applies International Finance Corporation (IFC) ESG performance standards to all of its projects. For clarity, the Performance Standards 1-8 developed by the IFC establish the requirements of any project throughout JCM’s investment period:

JCM engages reputable third party international consultants to help ensure that we are adhering to these standards. JCM Power takes into account the impact of its operations on the local community and seeks to ensure that potentially harmful occupational health and safety, environmental and social effects are properly addressed and monitored. With consultative workplace structure in place, JCM provides opportunities for employees to present opportunities to Senior Management, and report any incidents that do not comply with ESG best practices and core values.

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