About JCM Power

Our Vision

Advancing the Clean Energy Age

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate social, economic and environmental sustainability in growth markets through the development of renewable energy.

Our Commitment

JCM shall prohibit bribery and corruption in any form whether direct or indirect. Furthermore, JCM shall commit to implementing a program to counter bribery and corruption based on its fundamental values of integrity, transparency and accountability.

About Us

JCM Power is an independent power producer (IPP) dedicated to accelerating social, economic and environmental sustainability in growth markets through the development, construction and operation of renewable energy facilities and HVDC transmission lines. We establish long-term partnerships with local communities, governments, and financial institutions to build and operate clean energy projects in markets where economies are growing rapidly and electricity is currently scarce, but sun and wind are abundant.

JCM Power is uniquely positioned to lead the world's renewable energy transformation. We are energy experts – members of our team have built and operated gigawatts of renewable energy projects around the globe. As engineers, lawyers, accountants and financiers, we are able to manage the risk and complexity of financing and owning infrastructure projects, all the while ensuring an unwavering dedication to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. Our experience and agility in deployment allow us to help shape the future of renewable energy in growth markets.

Current Regions of Interest

JCM Power's geographic markets are some of the fastest growing in the world. The economic development of these areas is currently constrained by extremely low electrification rates that will require trillions of dollars in energy infrastructure investment over the next two decades.

JCM Power targets renewable energy projects in select growth markets that combine sovereign support, low electrification rates, high irradiation or wind resources, power contracts fixed to hard currencies, and the backing of the development finance institution (DFI) community.


The growth rates of many African economies eclipse those of developed markets, yet Africa's electricity supply infrastructure is holding it back from reaching its full potential. JCM is engaged with several local governments to develop utility-scale solar PV systems that will provide a much-needed source of clean electricity at a competitive price to the alternatives.

JCM currently has more than 500 MW under development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Latin America

JCM is currently developing a 1,000MW HVDC Transmission line that will connect Chile and Peru. The project will enable further development of hydroelectric projects in Peru and the export of less expensive, cleaner power to neighbouring Chile, where there is a heavy reliance on fossil-fuel based power. This project complements JCM's Lake Erie Connector, another 1,000MW HVDC project connecting Ontario and the PJM market in the US. 

JCM currently has 200 MW of PV under development in Latin America.