Advancing the Clean Energy Age

JCM Power is a Canadian-based renewable energy company that develops and operates renewable energy projects in growth markets.

JCM leverages its development expertise acquired through five years of development experience in Canada and over 70 projects, to emerging markets where the demand for renewable energy solutions is high and the level of experience with renewable energy is low.

JCM is currently developing a multi-billion dollar clean power portfolio that includes both utility-sized solar photovoltaic projects and HVDC transmission projects.

Project Case Study

Puebla, Mexico

90MWdc, 75MWac
Ground Installation

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Case 5

Project Case Study

Jhimpir, Pakistan

Wind Turbine Generators

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Project Case Study

Mbalmayo, Cameroon

72MWdc, 60MWac
Ground Installation

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Case 4

Project Case Study

Katsina, Nigeria

96MWdc, 75MWac
Ground Installation

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Case 1

Recent News

JCM Power (formerly JCM Capital) Receives EUR 6,350,000 Investment Grant from European Union Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (EU-AITF) for Chad Solar PV Project

Djermaya Solar, through the support of Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG), has received approval for EUR 6,350,000 investment grant...

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